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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Swiss propose to ban the burqa

Boldly showing ankle and feet
The Swiss National Council has voted in favor of banning women from wearing the burqa in public. The vote passed 88 to 87 with 10 abstentions by those too frightened to express their opinion.

The burqa, (aka "cloth tent") is worn by Muslim women in order to cover up as much female anatomy as possible and thus avoid being raped by Muslim men who can get turned on just as easily with a painted toenail as they can with a nostril, lip or broken tooth.

Earlier in the year, a government committee voted strongly against the burqa ban, but Western countries are getting increasingly fed up with immigrants migrating to their nations and then refusing to adjust or acclimate to the customs of the host country. 

It's as if I came to stay in your home and come from a culture where it's fashionable to pee on your carpet. But because it bothers you, I get insulted.

Before the burqa ban becomes law, it will need to be scrutinized more intensely.

Members voted in favor of a ruling that "no person shall cover his face in public places and in places or hide in the public domain or the provision of public services (excluding sacred sites)." 

Obviously, for those of us who take words in a totally literal sense, the wording should include 'her' when pertaining to the burqa; however, there is a real possibility that some men might use the burqa to conceal their identity and gender, especially if planning a jihad attack on Western infidels in a shopping mall around Christmas.

I'm just saying.

Blick am Abend reported that CVP National Councillor Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (a woman who perhaps had married into her own family) said: "The burqa is an expression of misogynistic Islamic ideology. This symbol we need to halt."

She makes a good point.

The burqa has already been banned in the Tessin region of Switzerland and also in France. People face fines in those Western nations if they disobey the law. 

Ironically, in Islamic nations such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, where women are required to wear the cloth tents, not wearing a burqa often has a much harsher punishment: 100 lashes, or being shot in the back of the head; being hung; being shot in the front of the head; being stoned to death; or something much worse.

Ironically again, Muslim men are permitted to wear whatever the hell they choose.

Finally, one must remember that Hillary Clinton accepts donations from these misogynistic countries.

I'm just saying.