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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Patriotic restauranteur takes flak from liberal "race card" wanker

An obviously patriotic restaurant owner in Virginia Beach has caught flak for using a Colin Kaepernick jersey as a doormat. 

A hair trigger race card flipper, James Perry, went to the Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center and boy, was he peeved. He saw the jersey taped to the ground by the entrance and immediately knew that whoever would do such a dastardly deed had to be a racist. 

Liberals know these things right away. They can tell.

He ordered a virgin colada and then belted down a pink lady. It made his head spin. Then Perry contacted Fox News and told them that he "thought it was a joke." (Perry always calls Fox News whenever a thought occurs to him.)

The GM of the restaurant told the local station, Fox8 that using the jersey was a doormat was in response to Kaepernick's alleged disrespect for Old Glory and "sportsmanship"--it had nothing to do with either one of his races: black or white.

The millionaire football player refuses to stand for the national anthem before games because he is easily influenced by his new girlfriend. 

Instead of standing, Kaepernick takes a knee in protest of police and the "oppression" against African Americans and minorities in the United States .  .  .  except for the Jews. He doesn't kneel for the Jews because in his circles, it isn't cool to kneel for the Jews and the anti-Semitism that is statistically more rampant than Islamophobia and so-called African American oppression.

Perry called the act of using the jersey as a stomping mat "racist" because that's all that liberals have in their anemic arsenal of accusations. After he finished his pink lady and wiped his lips with his sleeve, he posted a picture of the jersey and now says that Krossroads has lost a loyal customer.

They pleaded with Perry. "Please. Please don't boycott our restaurant, Jimmy. That will put us out of business. We never meant to imply that Colin Kaepernick sucks because he's black. We only meant to say that he sucks because he's an unpatriotic jerk who has no understanding of the job the police and other first responders do. 

"We only wanted to call attention to the idea that if Colin was really serious about wanting to help the black and minority community, he would have done it without having pressure put on him by those of us who felt insulted by his disrespect for the flag. 

"We don't care that he's of mixed racial background. We only want him to respect the flag of the best nation on earth. A nation that people come to, not go away from. Please don't go, Jimmy .  .  .  Jimmy, come back, come back .  .  .  "

And off James Perry went, never to return to Krossroads, vowing to get his pink ladies and virgin coladas elsewhere  .  .  .  like at that biker bar a few blocks away.

I wish I lived closer to Krossroads. That's my kind of place.

I hope they come out with Colin TP.