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Friday, September 2, 2016

No compliance? No problem, Iran

Valerie Jarrettland, Iran -- The Institute for Science and International Security asserts the existence of a secret agreement between Iran and world powers that exempt the terrorist state from being interfered with in their goal to destroy the West and creating a world caliphate. 

The reason the rest of the world was being so leniently suicidal was in order to "meet the January 16 deadline" for the nuclear deal. 

The fact that Iran was never in compliance with the conditions stipulated in the deal was not a deal-breaker. Only a mushroom cloud over Washington D.C. would have put the deal into question.

David Albright, a former UN weapons inspector and co-author of the Reuters report, said that the exemptions gifted to Iran went above and beyond the agreed upon limit regarding the amount of low-enriched uranium the terrorist Islamic Republic could retain in its nuclear sites. 

The reason for the exemption, according to a "knowledgeable" official was so that economic sanctions could be lifted by the target date of January 16th.

The bad news: low-enriched uranium can be enriched to be used in weapons-grade uranium, as in nuclear explosive device. 

Twelfth Imam .  .  .  here we come.

Albright learned of the betrayal from officials of the Western governments involved in the negotiations. The report also states that the U.S. administration told Congress about the exemptions in confidential documents given to legislators on January 16th, after the exemptions had been granted.

One of the most sacred duties of our government is to protect its citizens--all this government has done is put its citizens in danger by a country whose daily prayers call for "Death to America," and "Death to Israel."

Reuters stated: "A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the joint commission and its role were 'not secret.' He did not address the report's assertions of exemptions. Diplomats at the United Nations for the other P5+1 countries did not respond to Reuters' requests for comment on the report."

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) opposed the nuclear deal and sits on the Foreign Relations Committee. He emailed Reuters: "I was not aware nor did I receive any briefing (on the exemptions)."

With the exemptions granted Iran, they were allowed to continue operation of radiation "hot cells" that were above the limit of the deal. These "hot cells" are used for handling radioactive material and can be "misused for secret, mostly small-scale plutonium separation efforts," the report stated. Plutonium is used to make nuclear weapons, as that is it's main use.

The deal also exempted Iran from having to sell its excess stock of heavy water, which can also be used in nuclear weapons production. The heavy water, produced in Iran's Arak facility, is now being stored in Oman under Iranian control. 

There has been no offers to buy the heavy water, but it's apparent that Iran never really intended to put it on EBay.