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Friday, September 2, 2016

Is it possible Hillary lies about everything all the time?

'Crooked' Hillary looking as tired as a wet breadstick
The State Department will now be turning over all of Hillary Clinton's planning schedules to the Associated Press from when she "served" as secretary of state. They should all be in the hands of the AP by mid-October and will outline all of Clinton's scheduling in great detail.

The documents will show a detailed view of Clinton's daily routine during her 4-year gig of flying a zillion miles and accomplishing systematic, record-breaking air pollution between 2009 and 2013. 

The State Department had previously provided the AP with some of Clinton's official calendars from her time in the department, but they were edited after the events, just in case the public wanted to actually know why we paid her salary. In some cases, names of those she met with were omitted but that may have just been a slip of the 'Delete' button.

So, for all we know, Hillary Clinton may have been working with ISIS and we'd never find out because they may have gone 'unlisted.'

I don't really believe Hillary was actually working for that terrorist organization, she and Obama simply helped them to flourish to where they are today.

To date, the State Department has released about half of Clinton's more complete daily schedules.

"As stated in today's court filing, the Department had no objection to shifting its resources as long as its overall processing burden was not increased," State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. "Consequently, the Department plans to complete its production of former Secretary Clinton's schedules not later than October 17."

The original plan by the Democratic State Department was to release the schedule on December 30th, after the elections. However, the AP objected to the delay and, in spite of that media outlet's left-leaning predilections, it was in the Democrat's best interest to comply with the AP to avoid losing the support of the media.

It was noted that in the schedules which had been turned over, more than half the people outside of members of the U.S. or foreign governments that Clinton saw a secretary of state were donors to the Clinton Foundation. 

What the mainstream media did not note was that of all the emails recovered by the FBI from Clinton's illegal private server, none of them were about yoga lessons or Chelsea's wedding planning.

That brings up the possibility, remote as it may seem to the average liberal, that Hillary Clinton lied about every single issue that may have gotten her in legal, or, at the very least, political trouble. In fact, it is conceivable that Hillary Clinton lies whenever she speaks.