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Sunday, September 25, 2016

I'm white: I must be a racist

I am white, therefore I'm a racist. I really wish I wasn't a racist--it probably upsets my wife. She isn't white. But she will understand--she's smart and she knows I love her.

What if she doesn't believe that a white racist can love a woman of color? Especially a racist like I'm supposed to be? 

I'm even voting for Donald Trump. Not that I ever thought he was the best GOP candidate, but I'd rather remove one of my testicles with a rusty Swiss Army knife  than vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Students at the University of Kansas' Young America's Foundation (YAF) also discovered that their melanin made them racists, just like me.

The YAF students who advocate for "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings" had their safe spaces attacked by a group of social justice jihadists, inspired by Trigglypuff, who invaded their meeting to discuss that issue. 

The socialists yelled obscenities and verbally abused the YAF students at an event called "Stand with Me."

The event was in response to a video and poem posted by a transgender student Micha Cox, who said she was harassed and berated as she was walking across campus. 

YAF was expecting protests, but not to the degree they got. They called YAF students "racist" and "white supremacist" and lectured the students about their "white privilege."

According to Fox News, the anger began over a quote from conservative Ben Shapiro that the KU YAF posted on their Facebook page: "facts don't care about your feelings."

I guess groups who tend to put all people of one race into the same category, or believe them all to have the same negative qualities, are the real racists. And they are often the ones who support BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) an anti-Israel strategy. That also makes them anti-Semitic.

I'm glad I'm the kind of racist they say I am--I'm white. 

It wasn't my choice to be white, anymore than it was their choice to be stupid and intolerant. 

Have you noticed how divided the country has become in the 8 years Obama has divided us into racial and political groups.