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Monday, September 26, 2016

UPDATE: Houston shooter wounds 9, has been neutralized

Houston, TX. -- At least six people have been shot by an unidentified man. The incident occurred near the corner of Weslayan and Bissonnet in southwest Houston.

Residents have been told to avoid the area at this time as police bravely check for additional shooters.

Police used Twitter to say that the active shooter is no longer active--he was shot and "neutralized" by police.  One witness reported that he heard about 100 "steady gunshots" being fired.

Six people with non-life-threatening injuries were taken to the hospital. Among them was the son of local attorney Skip Cornelius. He had been hit while sitting in his car but was not hurt badly.

The police profiled the man as "black" and used a revolver to shoot his victims. Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers both have no comment at this time, but refused to praise the police who rushed to the scene to protect the public.

"He has been neutralized," said the fire chief. When asked if the shooter had been killed he responded, "I don't know if he is dead, but he is no longer a threat to the public."

At one point, police surrounded a vehicle on Law Street and the bomb squad was called in.

UPDATE: It was learned the shooter was a "disgruntled lawyer" who opened fire at a southwest Houston shopping mall. He was shot dead by police and he was identified as Nathan DeSai. He had previously worked at McDaniel & DeSai LLP but the law practice had closed down last year.

Earlier reports mistakenly described the shooter as black.