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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hillary uses the trusty old Alzheimer defense on FBI

When you know that 'running with the ball' is going to get you tackled [indicted] so hard that it's going to be difficult to get up again [because you'd be in prison], the best thing to do is punt. And by 'punt' I mean use the Alzheimer Defense (AD) and pretend you don't remember anything that is asked of you. 

Some call this defense the CRAFT disorder (Can't Remember A Freaking Thing) but I like to use a term because it depicts the insidious deterioration of Clinton's mental faculties, particularly those associated with memory.

And, by the way, she's running for president.

Hillary Clinton used this ploy about 39 times when the FBI questioned her extensively on the use of her private email server while secretary of state. 

The official documents released by the FBI on "Document Dump Friday" showed Clinton's inability to recall the past, along with the fact that there were no follow-up questions on the issue that got her off the hook with FBI Director James Comey. That issue involved her actual intent to commit an illegal act by using the server. Comey seemed to think that she had no intent, but it was never explored.

In spite of the fact that the issue of intent is not necessary to call for an indictment, Comey used that to get Clinton off the hot seat and back into the hearts and minds of the mindless liberals.

Lest I forget, let's get back to the memory issue.

Clinton said 39 times that she couldn't "recall" specific details or events regarding her training sessions dealing with classified material or those on the actual handling of classified information. 

She also couldn't recall specific emails.

Clinton sat for three hours answering questions and, if you believe what she claims, you might also believe that by next week she will have forgotten she was questioned by the FBI over her emails and classified information and that she still supports the war in Vietnam.

Hillary tried the Incompetence Defense at first, but it didn't sit well with the public. When Fox News' James Rosen asked her about wiping her private server's hard drive she replied, "What, like with a cloth?" Then brushed him off with her hand with her signature "Poo-poo" gesture.

That's her go-to "poor, naive little girl" defense. 

So when that defense didn't work, Hillary went for the Alzheimer Defense. She continues to avoid press conferences like vampires avoid sunlight.