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Saturday, September 3, 2016

9/11 memorial asked to leave out 'Islamic'

In the town of Owego, New York (not to be confused with Oswego, New York) a 9/11 memorial monument is causing an Islamic organization to fret, frown and call them names.

Owego is a small town of around 20,000 people in Tioga County's southwest corner. The Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier (IOST) is quite concerned that the wording on the monument could encourage hatred for non-jihadist Muslims living in the area because it would paint all Muslims with the same brush.

There is clear evidence that the IOST has a strong argument because the original 9/11 terrorist attack by a group of "Allahu Akbar" screaming terrorists caused ordinary American citizens to go on killing sprees against every Muslim they could find. 

Muslim blood ran in the streets of Detroit, Baltimore, New York and Chicago.

Thousands of Muslims were slaughtered in the streets, mosques were razed and all heck broke loose throughout America. And that was even before any monuments went up after the buildings went down.

Oh, wait .  .  .

That didn't actually happen. Americans did not go out and kill Muslims, in spite of knowing that it was an Islamic terrorist group, under the leadership of Osama bin Laden, who killed 3,000 infidels that sunny Tuesday in 2001. 

The next 9/11 in 2012 was in Benghazi, Libya where 4 Americans were killed by Islamic terrorists. American citizens understood that the attack was inspired by Islam, (aka the religion of peace).  

Even if Hillary Clinton had not lied when she claimed that a video, critical of Muhammed, was the catalyst of the attack on the American complex, the attack would still be tied to Islam and the intolerance some Muslims have for the West.

Islamic apologists frequently use this worn out talking point, as if identifying the ideology that motivates a particular faction of Muslims to resort to terror tactics is followed by all Muslims causing Americans to paint them all with the same brush. 

Implying that notion also implies Americans are too stupid to understand the differences between Islamic jihadists and Muslims who just want to live in peace. 

We get it.

The IOST wants the word 'Islamic' removed from the monument to read just "terrorists" or even"Al Qaeda terrorists." They want to divorce the ideology from the act, as if Islam had nothing to do with jihadist terror.

But Americans are smart enough to know better and to understand the motives of organizations that want to pretend that jihad has nothing to do with Islam. Many Americans are even reading the Koran to better understand how some Muslims commit terrorism in the name of Islam.

If Muhammed, the prophet of Islam, was alive today, he would say that those who are willing to die in the name of Islam are the most religious Muslims and will be rewarded in the afterlife.

And that's the rub.