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Monday, August 29, 2016

Problem solved: shortage of Syrian-born terrorists no longer an issue

It was beginning to look like France, Germany, England and basically most of the EU had the market cornered on Syrian refugee terrorists, but not anymore. The Barack Hussein Obama White House said on Monday that it will admit 10,000 Syrians this fiscal year, just as he pledged.

ISIS had also pledged to infiltrate the hordes of "refugees" coming into the USA with their jihadists, and while they might do many bad things to innocent people, ISIS tends to mean what they threaten.

So, if ISIS can sneak one terrorist in for, say, every one hundred refugees, that would translate to 100 terrorists, and that's bound to be enough terrorists to wreak havoc on the nation.

If the 100 or more terrorists"do their thing," the United States is bound to catch up with the EU and will gain as much sympathy as the rest of Europe. The Olympic gold medals was just the start to the number of terrorist attacks we may withstand--we might break a world record.

Obama has also pledged to stand with the Muslims "if things get ugly," and he wasn't referring to Michelle's 'angry face.' At least we know that he's not worried if the proverbial feces hits the fan--he's got armed security to protect him.

Initially, the U.S. had been off to a slow start with taking in refugees, but now the administration was able to hit its goal about a month early and only a few weeks before our so-called president convenes a summit on refugees at the 71st session of the UN General Assembly.

Susan Rice, who now goes by the title of National Security Adviser, said that President Obama understands the important message that expanding the Syrian refugee and terrorist admissions would send, not just to the Syrian people that are trapped by a chinless dictator, but to ISIS and the rest of the world community. 

Rice had also said that it was a video that led to the Benghazi attack.

Many Syrians have fled to come to the United States, a country they used to hate but now see for its good earning potential. Many of the "refugees" are young men of military age who have refused to stand up and fight for their country.

President Obama wants to make sure that they are rewarded.