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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

ISIS-loving Anjem Choudary finally convicted in UK

Anjem Choudary has finally got his just desserts (or desert, depending on your age). The British failed lawyer and former-homosexual-gone-jihad, became an Islamic preacher of hatred and Sharia (which is kind of an oxymoron).

Now Choudary faces up to only 10-years in prison after a July conviction of inviting support for ISIS. The verdict was made public on Tuesday after a judicially-imposed reporting ban. In fact, the scumcrumpet Choudary swore allegiance to the terrorist group and encouraged others to join. Of course, he never actually risked life and limb fighting for them, but the leaders never seem to do that.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in September, but I'm not getting my hopes up that he will be given a sentence parallel to the offense. 

Choudary praised bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks and the London transport system bombings in 2005. He's also buddies with one of the two Muslim jihadists who beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby in 2013.

"If people are implementing the Sharia, then I cannot shy away from what the divine text says in relationship to that," Sharia-compliant Choudary told Sky News the night before he was found guilty. "If you cannot say when you believe in something and you cannot share that view, then you don't really have freedom to express yourself in this country."

Evidently, Choudary only believes in freedom for Muslims like himself, but for us, "freedom can go to hell," as Islamic jihadists say.

Choudary hasn't always been an orthodox Muslim. The video (below) shows him pre-religious jihadist.

It took the jury only 3 days to convict Choudary and co-defendant Mizanur Rahman, 32. The verdict was not revealed immediately due to another trial to which Choudary is connected. 

A clear distinction was made that Choudary actively encouraged others to join and support ISIS rather than simply expressing a preference for the "Fightin' Barbarians." 

"Terrorist organizatins thrive and grow because people supportt hem and that is what this case is about," said prosecutor Richard Whittam QC. "Do not confuse that with the right of people to follow the religion of their choice or to proclaim support for a caliphate."

So Choudary, who swore off the bottle some years ago, swore allegiance to ISIS a mere 3 days after ISIS's religious leader and commander-in-chief Abu Bakr al Baghdadi established the so-called caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq in June 2014.