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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ISIS executes 6 victims by boiling them alive in tar

Photo by IBT

I don't know any Koranic or Hadith references that calls for one's enemies to be boiled alive in tar, but sometimes ISIS writes its own methods. The Islamic State, also known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) have reportedly burned six people alive in barrels of tar.

The victims of this absolutely mentally ill act were "convicted" by a Sharia court (Sharia is the barbaric Islamic law that many Muslims in the West would like to impose upon our democratic governments) of cooperating with enemies of ISIS and each received a death sentence handed out by those sickos. 

A source told The International Business Times  that "The six persons were placed inside tanks containing boiling tar and the execution was carried out in one of ISIS headquarters at al-Shora. The execution took place in public and it was done with an aim of inciting fear among the citizens."

Well there you go. The Koran (Sura 9:129)  tells jihadis to inflict fear into the hearts of the unbelievers. Those would be the witnesses who knew what would happen if they helped the infidels.

What kind of religion of peace is this Islam?