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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Imam" Howard Dean thinks Iran is actually Jewish

Imam Howard "Mohammed" Dean
Remember when Howard Dean screamed at the Iowa caucuses when he finished third behind the Johns, Kerry and Edwards? That was a bone-headed move that ended his campaign for the presidential nomination.

Now Howard Dean has analyzed the Islamic Republic of Iran and concluded that they're not an Islamic Republic, they're an evil non-Islamic theocracy. 

Like maybe Jewish or Amish or Episcopalian. 

The trouble with Dean is that he thinks Islam is a wonderful religion because that's what he's been told--particularly by the Muslim Brotherhood and their brother organizations such as CAIR, ISNA and all the others connected with the religion of peace.

Dean told Breitbart News that "Iran is the farthest thing from an Islamic Republic" and is not "a Muslim country."

Now you have proof that Howard Dean is an idiot, a useful idiot as Islamists would say, and some might even call him the dumbest dhimmie one can imagine. 

Dummy Dean said that Iran is "a republic that's been hijacked by thugs and murderers.," adding that he doesn't know Muslims that he respects who behave the way the Iranian regime does.

So Imam Dean knows Islam.

In the Breitbart interview, Dean explained that he believes the term "radical Islamic terrorism" is a manufactured phrase "for political, domestic consumption in America." What he probably thinks the radical Islamic terrorist should be called is "misunderstanders of Islam," as Robert Spencer calls them when he's being satirical or sarcastic.

Liberals like Dean do not make us safer, they make us far less safe. They are willing to allow mass immigration of Muslim refugees that ISIS promised will be stocked with their own jihadists. 

The  majority of Syrian refugees tend to be young men, not women or children. ISIS mujahideen tend to be young men, not women or children. Why aren't those young men staying behind and fighting for their country?

When Imam Dean was asked if he understood the differences between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims he threw up his hands, shrugged his shoulders, let out a huge shout and ran out the door headed for Mecca.