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Saturday, August 27, 2016

How Trump should debate Clinton

I have a few questions and thoughts that I hope the media eventually gets around to asking Hillary Clinton. If not, I hope that Donald Trump will mention them to her in the debate scheduled for September 26th. 

Unfortunately, I don't have much hope that either the media or Trump will ask these questions or make these points  because the mainstream media tends to campaign for Clinton, while Trump tends to retaliate against her statements in service to his ego.

The first question I would ask is: "You said you left the White House "dead broke," and when you actually did leave, you took about $28,000 worth of items with you. Did you hope to sell those items in order to get back on your feet?"

And here's an issue Trump might bring up at the debate: "You called me 'anti-Semitic' and a 'racist.' We both have children married to Jews but you, Hillary, are good friends with another Jew, Sidney Blumenthal. His son, Max, has written extensively on anti-Zionist issues and you've even complimented Max's writing to his father. 

"Also, your top aide, Huma Abedin, worked as an assistant editor at her mother's radical Muslim journal--a journal that, while Huma worked there, blamed America for 9/11. The journal also opposed women's rights, instead, bowing to Sharia law, which puts women in an inferior position as viewed in Western society." 

Huma worked at the journal as late as 2008. And insofar as being a racist, we need to compare the number of blacks and Hispanics Trump has hired over those to those Hillary has hired.

For more information on Huma Abedin's work as assistant editor, as well as the work of her mother, go to MailOnline . It will open your eyes.

Speaking about immigration, Donald Trump is married to an immigrant. Hillary Clinton is married to a sexual predator.

Trump then needs to make this move: "You claimed at a rally for the black vote that you "always" carry hot sauce in your bag. Are you willing to show us the hot sauce now?" 

Obviously, he can't ask that question at the debate because Hillary's purse will not be at the podium and by the time it's brought out (should she agree) one of Hillary's flunkies will have put a bottle of it in her bag.

Another question: "Why did you use BleachBit to wipe your personal email server clean? Did you have secret yoga moves and marital hints on it that you didn't want the public to see?"

BleachBit is a program that can scramble data from hard drives and render it unreadable. For a woman who thinks you wipe a server "what, like with a cloth?" she really seemed to know what she was doing.

Will Donald Trump stay on message? Will the media fairly question and report the news?

When chickens blacken the sky over Washington D.C.