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Thursday, August 4, 2016

American woman victim in London attack

London -- A man went on a stabbing rampage yesterday in central London, just a stone's throw from the British Museum, killed a 60-year-old American woman and wounded five others.

The attacker is a Norwegian man of Somali origin. He was Tasered and arrested within minutes of the attack.

According to law enforcement, the investigation "increasingly points to this tragic incident as having been triggered by mental health issues,? Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said. "So far we have found no evidence of radicalization or anything that would suggest the man in our custody was motivated by terrorism.," Rowley added.

The others who were injured are Israeli, American, Australian and British. None have life-threatening injuries and two of the victims are still in the hospital and the others have been discharged.

The attacker emigrated from Norway to the UK in 2002 when he was around five years old. It appeared to have been a "spontaneous attack and that the victims were selected at random," Rowley said. Detectives from the murder and terrorism squads interview the attacker, his family and witnesses and searched several properties, finding no evidence of radicalization.

Unfortunately, authorities were unable to search the attacker's brain in order to discover whether he was influenced by his religious duty of jihad. We may never know.

Ironically, due to the terrorist threat, the city announced the previous day that they planned to place an additional 600 police officers on the street to combat terrorism.

The police received "numerous" phone calls from the public at around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday regarding a man attacking pedestrians with a knife in the streets around Russell Square. The police arrived and used a stun gun to subdue the 19-year-old "suspect." He was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Knives are the most common murder weapon in Britain, unlike the United States where knives are only the second most common murder weapon after the illegal handgun. There were 186 knife murders in 2015 according to government statistics, and they account for a third of all murders. 

Since 2013, there have been two Islamic jihadist knife attacks in London. Two al-Qaeda inspired Muslims beheaded an off-duty soldier, Lee Rigby, in the street near his barracks. This past January, Muhiddin Mire tried to behead a London Underground passenger as he shouted that he was doing it "for Syria." 

He was determined to be mentally ill--but isn't that what radical Islam actually is?

The large majority of Britain's 31,000 police do not carry firearms, which will make them soft targets for terrorists that do. 

But at least they will be politically correct.