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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

$400 Million worth of bad optics

The $400 million in ransom money that isn't ransom money that we paid to Iran in old, unmarked bills, flown to them in the middle of the night, without the public's awareness, was simply a case of "bad optics." That's what the Obama abomination would have us believe.

And if we believe that it wasn't ransom money, you probably believe Hillary and Bill Clinton never told a lie, that Hillary really believes private servers get wiped clean with a cloth, that Benghazi was caused by a video that nobody saw, that James Comey never implied she lied to the American public and that the Tooth Fairy rides on a unicorn.

Bad optics.

That's almost the same as blaming incompetence for your crimes, as Hillary often does.

But Josh Earnest said at a press conference that the money the Obama administration sent to Iran was not ransom.

Just bad optics.

The fact that the money was sent, after it was held by us since 1979, on the same day our four hostages were released, was not a coincidence in spite of it being bad optics.

The Obama administration is famous for bad optics, and I'm not talking about John Kerry on a bike bad optics--much worse.

Obama admitted that it was bad optics when, after speaking to the public about the beheading of journalist James Foley in 2014, he went immediately from the microphone to the golf course. He is seen laughing and basically having a good old time with his golf buddies. 

Definitely bad optics.

And then there was the time when Obama was in Cuba and caught on film hanging out with Raul Castro at a ballgame. Not only did it look bad that Obama was hanging out with a cruel, murderous dictator, this all took place in the aftermath of the Brussels attack. 

There was another instance of bad optics with Obama and his commie buddies They had another photo op which was shot in front of a "Che" mural. "Che," of course, was Fidel Castro's comrade executioner and the poster-terrorist for Communism.

More bad optics occurred when Obama went to a DNC fundraiser on the same night as the Malaysian jet crash in which 300 people perished. 

And on the 45th anniversary of America's moon landing anniversary event, Obama only allowed still photos and banned video from the celebration. Neil Armstrong's widow was in attendance along with the surviving crew.

In 2015, Obama decided to skip the solidarity rally in Paris, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Heads of state from all over the world marched arm-in-arm, but Obama wasn't there and he didn't even have the decency to send Joe Biden as a representative.

Very bad optics.

His trip to Argentina probably should have been put on hold since it came on the heels of the Brussels terrorist attack. But since he already screwed up in Cuba with Castro, baseball and "Che," so one more bad optics moment was no big deal.

The photos in Argentina show the Obamas dancing the tango . . . but not with each other. They're having a grand old time and people in Brussels are being buried.

The question all of this brings to mind is: when do "bad optics" translate into "stupid."