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Friday, July 15, 2016


Developing: Turkish armed forces have taken full control of Turkey to reinstitute the "rule of law" in Turkey. "All international agreements and commitments will remain," it has been stated.

Erdogan has been attempting to move Turkey to a Sharia theocracy. Thus, this coup is actually a good thing for them and our country.

Ambulances can be seen in front of military headquarters and the current situation is still quite fluid.

One wonders if the coup was sped up by the jihadist attack in Nice, France yesterday; I wouldn't be surprised. 

Sadly, 84 people were killed and scores more seriously hurt in that attack in which another man named Muhamad killed as many people he could until he was killed by police.

John Kerry, our so-called Secretary of State, did not say anything of substance about Turkey's situation or about anything else for years.

7:30 pm EST: it appears that Erdogan's forces have repelled the coup but this is still not a certainty. However, it's been announced that the airport is hoping to resume flights soon as many people are milling around the terminals.

A bomb had hit the Ankara Parliament but there has been no report about the damage at this time.