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Friday, July 15, 2016

BREAKING: Turkey may be under military coup

It looks as if the military of Turkey are planning a coup against President Erdogan. So far the Turkish president is safe.

No flights are leaving the Ataturk Airport. Sky news is reporting a hostage situation but this is not yet confirmed.

Erdogan has been taking more and more power and like Egypt, he appears to be set for a fall.

Social media, TV and radio and other means of communication have been shut down for now as the coup is underway.

Erdogan has historically been very reluctant to take on ISIS and has been in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Erdogan has called upon us to go after Assad and Turkey is an ally and a member of NATO, which means that we have an obligation to help them.

Armed forces have "fully seized control of the country," reports Fox News as I write this. 

The coup is reported to be undertaken by "a group," but there's no more specificity.

More to follow.