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Friday, July 29, 2016

Syria's Nusra Front makes a clean break from Al Qaeda

Mohammad al-Golani (Fun fact: over 120 Mohammad's have been captured or killed terrrorists) said in a video Thursday that his group, Nusra Front, is changing its name and will have no more ties to Al Qaeda (AQ). Analysts and other anal-retentive terrorist-watchers believe it has to do with their desire to spread its influence among Muslim rebels in Syria.

The announcement is the first of its kind in which an entire branch of AQ has said it's leaving and never coming back. This has saddened many of the AQ fighters who were just getting to have feelings for their 'bunk-buddies of the desert sands'.

However, the move was endorsed by AQ's central leadership who also feels that it simply "wasn't working out, and it's time to move on."

The ideology remains the same: kill men, women and children who don't believe in Allah and that Mohammad is his prophet. Kill gays, lesbians, transgender people, transsexuals, Jews, Hindus, Jains, Christians, atheists, unless they convert to the religion of peace or pay a heavy tax in order to purchase more weapons and ammo.

The name will be changed to the Levant Conquest Front. It has a certain "Obama" ring to it as he refers to the Islamic State as ISIL, which is the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, an area that includes: Iraq, Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey and Syria.

The United States considers Nusra a terrorist organization but not as bad as Donald Trump. They are, however, asessing whether Nusra leaders really intend to attack the West and are waiting for several more attacks, like those in Nice, Paris, Orlando and San Bernadino to come to any conclusions.

Dropping the Al Qaeda name, the Levant Conquest Front will try to grow its alliances with other Syrian rebels, including those funded by the Obama administration and allies. This would possibly cause opposition to U.S.-led airstrikes against Nusra fighters and cause an even greater screw up in the region.

Some analysts believe that it could complicate a potential U.S. and Russian air campaign against its fighters.

Ludovico Carlino, a senior analyst with IHS Country Risk said the move is a "smart public relations exercise." He told the Associated Press that breaking away from the AQ brand of terrorism removes an obstacle to creating a border alliance with Syrian Islamic rebel factions and allow itself to "imbed itself more deeply in the Syrian insurgency and to indoctrinate local Syrians to its jihadist ideology, while retaining its long-term goal of establishing Islamic governance in Syria."

Golani spoke on the video and received the blessings of the AQ leadership, as he thanked them for their understanding. He claimed the move upholds the dictates of Osama bin Laden and was necessary "to protect the Levantine Jihad."

Israel is a prime target and then it's  "Look out world! We're coming for you."

So the morons on the left can burn Israeli and American flags at the DNC convention, but they will change their tune when they need to be protected.