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Friday, July 29, 2016

Gen. Allen backs an anti-military leftist

We now have two U.S. generals going at it with each other over who is the better candidate, or the least worst, for president. 

Retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn went after retired Marine Corps General John Allen who is in the tank for Hillary Clinton, endorsing her in yelling tones at the DNC on Thursday.

"I honestly don't know how John Allen can look at himself in the mirror and say why he supports Hillary Clinton," Flynn told Fox News.

"General Allen as a retired officer was in charge of our current strategy for well over a year . . . and during that period of time the rise of radical Islamism and ISIS, you know, it exponentially grew," Flynn said. "The strategy that John Allen was in charge of . . . it's a failed strategy."

As an ex-Marine, I am sad to say that I have to agree with the Army on this one. Allen, in John Kirby style, showed the country the political player  he is, and demonstrated that he wasn't so great as a general.

"I cannot see how John Allen can support somebody who perpetually cannot tell the truth," Flynn added.

Allen led forces in Afghanistan and vouched for Hillary as the leader (and deleter) the country needs.  

"She will protect this great country like she protected those brave men in Benghazi and those emails on her private server," he did not say.

What Allen did shout was: "We trust in her judgment. We believe in her vision for a united America, we believe in her vision of an America as a just and strong leader against the forces of hatred, the forces of chaos, and darkness. I tell you without hesitation or reservation that Hillary Clinton will be exactly, exactly the kind of commander-in-chief America needs."

He did not say why nor did he refer to the accomplishments that led up to his analysis.

What Hillary alluded to in her much too long and loud acceptance speech was that she would do the same wasted tactics that Obama used that have changed nothing.

ISIS was never mentioned. Islamic jihad was never mentioned. The recent terrorist attacks on American soil was never mentioned. 

And while Hillary Clinton said that she chose the "high ground" while Trump chose the low, she attacked him over and over at the convention, which is normal, but even then, she lied about saying she wouldn't.

Nothing she says in that annoying shouting rings true. 

And although Donald Trump was not my first choice in the nomination process, he is now the only choice that conservatives need to consider. Anyone else is a vote down the dumper.