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Friday, July 22, 2016

LATEST ON MUNICH: 9 Dead in mall terrorist attack

UPDATE: The U.S. consulate is asking that people shelter in place as it is believed that there may be at least one or two additional gunmen on the loose.

The attack began in the McDonald's restaurant and it is possible that the shooter or shooters were targeting children. 

Based on the heavy boots and general garb, it is still believed to be the work of neo-Nazis.

There are now reportedly 9 people dead from the Munich terrorist attack.

The gunmen are still at large and law enforcement is looking for 3 gunmen.

MUNICH -- At least 5 people are known dead at the hands of what authorities believe are 3 shooters in a shopping mall.

Emergency calls of an armed man on site elicited a fast response by law enforcement. 

A brief press conference was held just before 3:30 p.m. EST.

The mall and surrounding areas have been shut down. Officials are asking the public to share information and any videos that may give them leads.

One of the shooters reportedly took his gun and killed himself according to police sources.

An unconfirmed report has said that this was a 'far right' attack, but that could simply be a leftist rumor. Allegedly, one of the shooters wearing black boots shouted out in German: "F*** foreigners."

No reports of "Allahu Akbar" shouts have been given . . . but in my guts, I believe that jihad was the motive. Fox News' Shep the Lib Smith said that it is not an Islamic jihadist attack as far as they know at this time. But Shep Smith also believes that if a white person says "All lives matter" that it's a racist remark.

So one gunman killed himself but he didn't do it for Islam--he did it for his anti-immigration political views, according to current police reports. 

Authorities are not ruling out neo-Nazis.