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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another American held by Iran: what will Obama do?

"We condemn the actions of [blank] in the strongest possible terms."

The Obama administration might as well create a template (or perhaps they already did)j to use whenever a foreign country does to our citizens whatever it wishes to do.

Our State Department said that it is looking into reports that another American has been detained in Iran ["U.S. Navy style"]. 

State Department spokesman John Kirby, a man who has traded his honorable past to become an Obama mouthpiece, would not comment on the detention of San Diego native Robin Shahini. 

Shahini's girlfriend said that his sister told her he was taken into custody on July 11th while visiting his mother who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. He has not been heard from since that time.

The girlfriend asked to remain anonymous as she has family in Iran and fears for their safety, unlike the Obama administration fearing for ours in light of the Iran nuclear deal. She believes he may have been detained because of his online comments criticizing Iran's deplorable human rights record. (Calling it human rights in Iran is an oxymoron.)

Secretary of State John Kerry declined to comment on the detention of Shahini because he obviously isn't sure how he feels about it or how his comments may effect the Iranian nuclear deal. After all, if he showed the Ayatollah he was upset with Iran kidnapping Americans, they might get mad and re-open the nuclear facilities they agreed to close--oh wait--they already did.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard, the elite military force whose duty is to protect the Islamic Republic (i.e., Iran) has been increasingly targeting Westerners ever since the nuclear deal was agreed to limit uranium enrichment in order to have the sanctions upon them lifted. Officials at the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington D.C. could not be reached for comment.

But you can bet that if and when Iran releases Shahini, John Kerry will thank them and Obama will apologize for inconveniencing the Islamic Republic.

Shahini, 46, left Iran in 1988 and lived in San Diego for 16 years. He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution and had been accepted to the school's graduate program in Homeland Security. 

How ironic. He is neither secure nor has the conflict been resolved.

He left for Iran May 25th and his girlfriend communicated with him on July 19th but did not hear back from him the next day, as expected. She reached his family who told her that intelligence officials came to their home and removed him from the premises. They also searched the home and removed his personal belongings.

Shahini was to return to the U.S. July 25th and start classes in August.

A close friend, Denera Radoonanan, said he wasn't politically active in Iran. "I really don't know what could have caused this," she said.

Perhaps it's true: Iran really hates us no matter how hard Obama and Valerie Jarrett try to get them to like us.