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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Islamic State preparing for loss of caliphate

NOTE: My original title which may be seen on Flipboard misspelled "caliphate" as "cliphate." I apologize to any obsessive-compulsive people who take mistakes like that serially.

ISIS keeps killing men, women and children who have different beliefs--they can't tolerate anyone who doesn't think like they do, so in order not to offend Allah, they kill them.

But while they keep killing whenever they can, the Islamic State is feeling sad and is preparing its followers for the inevitable collapse of the caliphate it proclaimed two years ago.

Their leaders made public messages in recent Syrian actions and the leaders of ISIS are acknowledging their religious dreams aren't coming to fruition as they are experiencing declining victories on the battlefield. They are bracing for the fall of their remaining strongholds.

In spite of this, like the Black Knight in the Monty Python skit, they vow to press on with as much religious self-righteous violence that they can muster, even though they've metaphorically lost legs and arms in the fighting.

U.S. counterterrorism experts think the  recent mass casualty attacks in Baghdad and Istanbul were mainly a response to military reversals in Iraq and Syria.

In other words, the scumcrumpets are running out of matches and bullets, but it's likely they'll continue and even intensify as ISIS evolves from an apparent state, with actual territorial holdings, to a hodgepodge of networks with branches and cells on three or more continents.

I'm having trouble feeling sorry for them. In fact, we should kill them to the last terrorist.