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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ISIS fighter captured: now regrets his actions

Kirkuk, Iraq -- FoxNews Exclusive report. 

He isn't religious enough. He isn't ready yet to fly off to Paradise and get his 72 brown-eyed virgins, young boys to tickle his fancy, nor even the rivers of wine. 

Thahir Sahab Jamel doesn't want to die.

But he was perfectly fine killing infidels who did not believe as fervently in Islam as he does. Now that he's been caught, he's speaking a different tune (Islam doesn't allow for music unless it's Islamic prayer music). 

Thahir now disavows the Islamic State but his Kurdish jailers know his claims have as much credibility as Hillary Clinton giving testimony.

He spoke to FoxNews.com in a jailhouse interview in Kirkuk. Jamel, 27, spoke in detail how he joined ISIS in 2013 as a foot soldier in the taking of Mosul in 2014. He claims to have become disillusioned with the "dark vision of his fellow fighters."

"At the beginning, ISIS told us we would all go to heaven," Jamel said while the Kirkuk police guards stood by. "But now that I am in prison it means I am going to the fire. I am going to hell."

Jamel sat in handcuffs and partially masked. He has been in solitary confinement since his arrest about ten weeks ago and said he joined the terrorist group like many other young Sunni men opposed to the Shia-led government in Baghdad.

"A man named Salam talked to me and got me connected to ISIS. He told me I needed to be a jihadist and fight the Shia government. He convinced me to fight the government. I started getting involved as they were planning operations to begin in Iraq and Syria."

Poor Jamel lived with his mom and three brothers in Hawja, Iraq. He had a good agriculture-related job and his family, who evidently never read the Koran or actually knows anything about Islam, didn't understand why he wanted to join ISIS.

"Everything was about setting the role of Shariah [Islamic law]," he said. "We have to have a world based on Shariah.

"We were told that yes, people here are Muslims, but they are not the right Muslims. And to build the Caliphate we must control the economy, take over every oil field."

He did not add: and kill all infidels who refuse to convert to our brand of Islam, kill the Jews because Allah hates them, subjugate women so they know their place, and give women half the rights of men.

Jamel didn't reveal about how many civilians and soldiers he and his fellow scumcrumpets killed but admitted he willfully took part in the slaughter and also supplied prisoners to ISIS superiors for torture and execution.

My take is that now that he's a prisoner and facing execution, Jamel is tiptoeing the line between repentance and resignation of his fate. He claimed that he never cared for the public beheadings [maybe it ruined his lunch] and the murdering of civilians. 

Like Adolf Eichmann and many of the other Nazis who were caught, Jamel claims he was only following orders. 

If he is executed, as I believe he should be, the method of execution will never equal the physical pain ISIS has inflicted on their captors.