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Friday, June 17, 2016

The suicidal left

If the New York Times is correct, the NRA is responsible for the Orlando terrorist attack Sunday. that killed 49 and severely wounded 53 others.

Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the NRA,  must have conspired with Omar Mateen who then slaughtered 49 and severely wounded 53 others at the Pulse Orlando nightclub that caters primarily to the LGBT infidel crowd. 

If you don't believe that and don't believe the New York Times, you must be homophobic and Islamophobic.

Sadly, the LGBT community is blaming the guns for the killing of fellow LGBTers. That makes as much sense as going after pressure cookers and box cutters for the Boston Marathon bombing and 911, respectively. 

Using this logic, they should go after cars being used by Hamasshole sympathizers because some of them are using cars to run down Jews. in Gaza.

And why don't they ever go after knives? Knives are everywhere and can kill just as dead as a gun .  .  .  like a baseball bat.

Sure, focus on the weapon, not the person using it. That's liberal logic and it works like a lifetime Food Stamp recipient.

The New York Times hates conservatives and doesn't appear to love America all that much. The Old Gray Lady defended convicted Alger Hiss, saying that he was innocent of spying for the Soviets. But even after Hiss confessed before he died, the Times still didn't want to believe it.

To The Times, Communists are heroes and everything is America's fault.