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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spain celebrates their indignation

Madrid -- Puerta del Sol square became the scene of a protest back in 2011, a protest that lasted four weeks. From that protest came sit-ins throughout Spain where the unemployed and unwashed could get together and complain while blocking others from accessing the streets to get to work.

The "Occupy" movement was born throughout the world.  Protestors without jobs could be led by millionaires and billionaires to proclaim the joys of socialism and the leaders raked in the dough.

In Spain, the movement begat Podemos, their third-largest political party.

The Democracy Now platform urges folks to "occupy squares in all the world's cities on Sunday" defecate where and when you please, pee at will, throw your garbage away and let someone else pick it up--they're getting paid to do that so why not make them work for their blood money--and just make a lot of noise and create disruption and chaos. 

The protest is against austerity, corruption and lack of transparency in government. A huge demonstration is planned in Madrid, but it isn't clear who's behind it. 

Perhaps George Soros, but he probably doesn't speak Spanish.

The protestors are calling themselves "Indignados," or pissed off peons over Spain's political parties. This was how the Podemos grew and they will seek to gain power in the June 26 election.

It is unclear if Bernie Sanders will seek office in Spain if this USA gig doesn't pan out for him.