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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sadiq Khan[Job] elected London's mayor

In an article in The Independent, the new mayor of Londistan, Sadiq Khan[man] pledged to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Wait--how does Khan know that Hillary Clinton is going to actually be nominated? She might, and probably should be, indicted for breaking the law with using an unauthorized private email server.

London, as you might know, is located in a place called England, a region which is not in the United States of America. Why is a Muslim mayor with a spotted past interested in manipulating American politics, you ask.

First of all, Prime Minister David Cameron accused the Khan[artist] of sharing a platform with an extremist who called for the Jews to drown in the ocean. In spite of this, Khan was elected mayor, but perhaps it's what got him elected in Londonistan in the first place.

Guilt by association is the cry Islamists will argue, but if the shoe was on the other foot, the Labour Party would have used the same tactic to discredit their opposition.

Interestingly, the UK's Labour Party has been accused in several instances of anti-Semitism. Even their fearless leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has called Hamas and Hezbollah 'friends.' 

The London election pitted Khan against Zac Goldstein, 41, the son of a billionaire financier, and whose education was elite. Upon winning the election, Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the majority party in the nation's National Assembly held up a sign saying: "Heartiest Congratulation [sic] to Sadiq Khan 1st Muslim Mayor of London who defeated millionaire Jew Zec [sic] Goldsmith." 

The idiots didn't even know how to spell Goldsmith's first name, but they sure knew he was a rich Jew.

Never to miss a leftist opportunity, Hillary Clinton tweeted: "Son of a Pakistani bus driver, champion of workers' rights and human rights, and now Mayor of London, Congrats, @SadiqKhan." --H.

Cameron and Corbyn went at it over the Khan-Goldsmith campaigns in a heated debate. Cameron accused Khan of sharing "a platform with an extremist who called for Jews to drown in the ocean," while Corbyn, ever the extremist sympathizer and anti-Zionist accused the Conservatives of "smearing" Khan.

The Muslim extremist supporter Khan claimed he has fought extremism all his life and regrets sharing a stage with speakers who held "abhorrent" views. Then Khan had to distance himself from Corbyn after the Labour leader's row over anti-Semitism involving another Labour party puke, Ken Livingstone for his moronic statement that Hitler supported Zionism.

But Khan had to perform a vociferous and groveling apology over his comment that moderate Muslims are "Uncle Toms." Khan said he regretted using the term, which is a notorious racial slur used against blacks to suggest that they are subservient to whites. 

The apology evidently worked, or the voters didn't care, so long as their guy got elected.

In 2004, Khan spoke at a gender-segregated event entitled: "Palestine--the suffering still goes on." He shared the bill with Daud Abdullah, of the Muslim Council of Britain, a group of scumcrumpets who had led a boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day. Ibrahim Hewitt, the chairman of Interpal, a group designated a "global terrorist" organization by the U.S. Treasury Department; Azzam Tamimi, who has called for the destruction of Israel and its replacement with an Islamic state; Suliman Gani, who cites the Koran (4:34) calling for women to be subservient to men.

And the list of anti-Zionist sand misogynists goes on. 

Khan and his Islamozombies cried foul for his being held responsible for the views of those with whom he shares the same dais on many occasions. This is what the left does all the time, and also uses the same tactics against conservatives.

Raheem Kassam of Breitbart summarized Khan's record thus:
A letter to the Guardian in the wake of 7/7 terrorist bombings in London, blamed the attacks on British Government policy;
His legal defense of Zacarias Moussaoui, a 9/11 terrorist who confessed to being a member of Al Qaeda;
His chapter in a book entitled: "Actions Against the Police" which details how to bring charges against the police for "racism." Ironically, the same police force he'd would have authority over;
His defense of Islamist extremist Azzam Tamimi. When Dr. Tamimi told a crowd that the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad would "cause the world to tremble" and predicted "Fire . . . throughout the world if they don't stop," Mr. Khan, who shared a platform with him, dismissed the threats as "flowery language;"
His platform-sharing with Sulliman Gani, a south London imam who has urged female subservience to men, and called for the founding of an Islamic state. 
It's going to be interesting to see how Khan handles terrorism in London, should it occur, or how he will deal with "no go zones" that dot the landscape of the city like bedbugs.

Anti-Semitism is as Islamic as getting out of bed in the morning. In fact, the very first prayer, Al Fatiha, speaks to anti-Semitism. 

But the Koran is loaded with anti-Semitic crap: "Jews are the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82); under the curse of Allah (9:30) and transformed by him into apes and pigs (2:63-65; 5:59-60). The people of Pakistan got a collective tingle in their loins not simply over the fact that a Muslim had become mayor of London, but that he did so by defeating a "rich Jew."