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Friday, April 29, 2016

Obama fails to discuss Iran's missile tests

The Two Amigos
In a move to make America mediocre again, the Obama administration is dodging the congressional inquiry that is examining their refusal to call Iran's ballistic missile tests a violation of the international statute barring such tests. The Obama folks prefer to call it "an Iranian science project," or some other euphemism to avoid any trouble.

Congress is frustrated and the more intelligent congressmen and women are rightfully worried that a mushroom cloud will be coming to their neighborhood one day soon.

Lawmakers on "the right side of history," are saying the administration is breaking their promise to enforce the missile ban, but they need to remember Obama's "red line in the sand" and get over it--our 'fearless leader' is too fearful to lead by taking a strong stand with practically all foreign countries, except Israel. 

Like Islamists and many leftists, Obama doesn't like Israel.

Capitol Hill lawmakers launched their investigation in early April into what they say is Obama's efforts to mislead Congress about the details of the nuclear deal of last summer. 

Of course, this was not the first time, nor will it be the last, that Obama has misled the American people. The 'hope and change' he hawked when running for POTUS sounded good for the country to some folks when it said those words, but the only change we wanted was for a real leader and for him to be gone.

The Obama socialist crew's refusal to say Iran violated the nuclear deal has become a key sticking point and prompted congressional leaders to launch the investigation into claims Obama misled them regarding the terms of the deal.

Everyone now knows that when it comes to making deals, Obama is "all bat and no balls."

Three Republican representatives, Mike Pompeo (Kan.), Peter Roskam (Ill.), and Lee Zeldin (N.Y.) petitioned the State Department by letter this month asking them to explain its shift on the ballistic missiles issue.

"While many lawmakers, ourselves included, are certain that Iran's latest tests violate UNSCR 2231, your decision to cease labeling the launches a violation is alarming," the letter said. "We are troubled by reports that the administration is stifling voices within its ranks for stronger action against Iran--putting the [nuclear agreement] and political legacy above the safety and security of the American people."

Rather than answer the question, the State Department, in its undying allegiance to Barack Obama's so-called legacy, refused to answer the question. 

"Would you like ketchup on those fries?" John Kerry asked as he passed a bottle of Heinz to Zeldin who declined the offer.

A senior congressional source accused the State Department of dodging key questions. "It looks like the State Department did not feel a need to answer any of Congressman Pompeo's questions. Given the complete disconnect between what the Obama Administration testified to Congress about Iranian ballistic missile tests, and how it is behaving now, it is no wonder Pompeo is asking these questions. I am not sure how much longer President Obama and his staff can dance around these issues while avoiding legitimate inquiries like this one."

I'd say Obama can dance around it for about another 9 months when a new POTUS is sworn in.

John Kerry described Iran's ballistic tests as inconsistent with the UN resolution, but would not call them a violation, even though it was. This is the same "man" who attended the inauguration of the Vietnam Communist Museum and gave himself a combat medal for that war, which he later protested along with Jane Fonda.

Is it any wonder why Americans are fed up with the establishment? 

Doesn't it make sense why someone as monosyllabic as Donald Trump can become the GOP nominee for POTUS?

We are sick of incompetent morons putting our nation in danger by allowing other countries to walk all over us as they laugh at us while doing so. 

I suspect Trump is going to be nominated for the GOP in this election, but whoever runs against these leftist puss-tards has my vote, even if it isn't Trump or Cruz. 

I refuse to allow my anger over not having my choice of candidate run against Clinton or Sanders. I will vote for whoever runs against them because we cannot afford another term of liberal politics.