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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Obama and King Salman in a quiet garden together, smiling, talking

Leaders sitting like sweet, dainty ladies
Barack Hussein Obama, still president of the United States for now, met with Saudi King Salman (no relation to Salman Rushdie, if fact, the king would like to see Rushdie die) on a one-on-one. 

There are growing tensions between the two countries because the Saudis don't want us to reveal their involvement in the 911 attacks in 2001 that killed nearly 3000 people. 

King Salman would like the 28 pages of the secret document that discusses 911 information and the players involved to be kept hidden from the American public for only an additional 200 years, "then once the world caliphate is in power, the US can say whatever the hell they want."

But the king should take comfort in knowing that the chances of Obama releasing the document is the same as the chances of him allowing Hillary Clinton to be indicted for her use of a private email server dealing with super top secret information and other classified data. The chances of the document release is also similar to the chances that Obama would support Israel over an Islamic nation.

The Saudi king greeted Obama at Erga Palace. (It used to be called Ergo Palace, but it sounded funny, ergo, they changed it to Erga.)

The couple walked slowly to a reception room, there was electricity in the air, as the smell of incense wafted all around them, indicating that the chances of someone having farted was high. (Incense is often used to cover unpleasant odors, just as French perfume was invented to cover the smell of the unwashed.) 

The two men offered each other polite smiles. Obama batted his eyes several times and the couple sat side-by-side for photos as the meeting was about to get underway.

Obama spoke first, once the king gave him permission, "The American people send their greetings and we are very grateful for your hospitality, not just for this meeting, but for hosting the GCC-U.S. summit that's taking place tomorrow." 

Salman spoke through a translator, but it was a Bing translator and it sounded faintly like he was "happy to provide a parking space for the Obama bus on face-to-face mutual."

Obama's plan was to stay for about a day in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, then he planned to pollute the air on visits to London and Hanover, Germany, where he and Angela Merkel planned to discuss new and improved ways of getting illegal immigrants into their respective country against the will of the people.

The summit will focus on counterterrorism, especially that involving ISIS (the JV team) al-Qaida, and Iran, as well as regional security issues. Those, of course, involve the entire Islamic world as their goal is to eventually form a world caliphate.

When Obama first landed earlier at King Khalid International Airport, he was greeted on a red carpet by Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud bin bin bang, not by the king himself. In fact, before our commander in chief (LOL) landed, Saudi state TV kept it on the down low after his arrival, but showed the king greeting other senior officials from Gulf nations arriving for the summit. 

This is a slight to any US president except for Obama, who feels the need to bow to the king's wishes and to his shoes.