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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Muslim Bros. in Jordan shut down

Amman, Jordan -- How horrible; the Jordanian police shut down the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB is a huge sponsor of terrorism and has enormous influence worldwide and holds a warm spot in the heart of Barack Hussein Obama.

The MB warned that closing the headquarters would "bring us back to the days of martial law with the absence of law and order," but did not explain that what they really wanted was sharia law and the return of Jordan to the Seventh Century. 

Protesting everything
But the MB often does not bother to explain their real intentions to infidels until after they are conquered, the women and children turned into sex slaves while the men beheaded.

The MB in Jordan lost its registration status last year because it failed to comply with new government requirements, kind of like how the Trump campaign failed to comply with campaign requirements in certain states.

The Muslim Brotherhood Society, an offshoot of the MB, was legally registered and challenged the right of the MB in Jordan to participate in coming parliamentary elections, where they hoped to gain government control via their "population jihad" and eventually turn yet another land into a Seventh Century society, where the women have slightly fewer rights than camels and goats.

What Jordan really wanted was to crack down on the MB like it was done in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. 
Miss MB of Jordan holding poster hostage

Egypt is an excellent example of the MB's intention of taking over and turning a modern secular state into a theocracy, forcing men to wear beards and women to wear burqas.

The former deputy party leader of the MB in Jordan, Nimar Assaf (his friends simply call him "Ass") said that closing the headquarters was "a dangerous step, because this group was against terrorism [LOL] and had been part of this country for a long time, and such actions drive people to extremism."

No, the Koran and the orthodox interpretation of it drives people to extremism, you idiot.