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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Israel: significant reduction in Islamic jihad

According to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, there has been a significant reduction of Palestinian Islamic attacks against Israeli Jews.

Known as "Bibi" by his friends and civilized people, the prime minister said he got the numbers for the claim from Israel's Shin Bet security service, but he cautioned that "this trend could be reversed."

There have been no attacks for more than two and a half weeks, the slowest terror-break since the jihad stabbings, shootings and automobile attacks went into "full terror mode" seven months ago, killing 28 Israelis and 2 Americans.

Since the Palestinians initiated the jihad, 187 of them met their virgins via Israeli lead. Most of the dead were jihadists and the remainder died in clashes with the IDF.

Israel cites Palestinian imams and social media as the cause of the attacks, but we all know that it is the religion itself that calls for "death to the unbelievers." 

The Palestinians say that the violence stems from frustration of almost 50 years of military occupation," but they need to read the Old Testament where Jews are shown to be the people of Israel for several thousand years before Mohammad wrote the war manual known as the Koran.