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Sunday, April 10, 2016

10 Things Trump should do as POTUS

If Donald Trump somehow wins the GOP nomination and then miraculously wins the presidential election, he may need to take unorthodox and controversial steps in order to keep those who love him happy. What follows is what I believe would fire up his base of followers and change the direction this country has been circling the drain in. I have narrowed it down to only 10 steps, but there can easily be more--if you'd like to suggest additional steps, please feel free to comment.

1. Iran's "Death to America" rallies must be countered by America with "Death to Iran" rallies. Let's face it, the time has come for Americans to show what we're made of--we need to "kill those pedophiles wherever we find them."

2. Islamic countries, that is, theocratic nations, do not allow for the construction of new churches, and they don't allow for the existence of Jewish temples at all.  In fact, whenever Muslims conquer Christians on their land, they build a triumphal mosque and make mosques out of the churches that existed before the conquest.  If elected president, Donald Trump should summarily knock down those triumphal mosques and erect a church in its place; maybe even a synagogue if he's in the mood. "We're gonna knock, knock, knock then build, build, build" should be his motto.

3. Mr. Trump should have a "National Security Patrol" that will be covertly present at all political rallies. Anyone caught burning, stomping on, or using the American flag in a disrespectful manner will be taken into custody, given a fair trial as Trump views it, provide video evidence, and have the perp deported to a country with similar negative feelings toward the USA. I would recommend Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan.

4. Any company officers found guilty of hiring illegal aliens should be deported to the country the majority of those they hired came from. Thus, if a company hires illegal Mexican immigrants, the staff responsible for hiring them will be sent to Tijuana or Chihuahua for a minimum of five years. What happens to them in Tijuana, stays in Tijuana. In order to return, they must promise to vote GOP forever more.

5. The electoral process should be lawfully changed. No longer will delegates be used in either party to decide who gets the party's nomination. Instead, the only deciding factor will be a popular vote in each state. The notion that the population, legal and illegal, determines the number of electoral votes will be deemed unconstitutional. States that take illegal aliens in tend to be liberal and with an increase in illegal aliens, they will be assigned more electoral votes and this always goes in favor of Democrats. This is unfair and unrepresentative of legal Americans. Donald Trump should put an end to this unfair practice.

6. If Mr. Trump wins the presidency, if he believes that anyone in the press is treating him unfairly, he should have that scum fired from the media outlet in question. If he believes the media outlet itself is treating him unfairly, he will abolish that outlet altogether. "Unfairly" will be determined by the President of the United States for as long as Mr. Trump reigns.

7. Trump should make a deal with China letting them know that we won't nuke you if you stop playing around with your money. No manipulating your currency or you will die.

8. Trump should find out what's the scoop on Syria.

9. Them Mr. Trump should talk to Putin and find out what's the scoop on Russia. Can we be friends like old times? 

10. Nuke North Korea. Just bomb the sh** out of them.