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Friday, April 29, 2016

Does ISIS have a New York hit list?

The bad news is that thousands of New Yorkers are quietly being contacted by the NYPD warning us that our names have appeared on a list of "potential targets" that may have been compiled by terrorists. The good news is that I have not been contacted.

The bad news is that I may have been overlooked by law enforcement. The good news is that if the law can't find me, the terrorists probably won't find me. The bad news is that I might be wrong.

NYPD top cops have confirmed that a list of more than 3,000 names exist of people marked for mayhem and possibly even fraudulent credit card charges. The FBI is working alongside the police and hopefully someone will do the right thing and bomb the crap out of ISIS. 

Once the existence of the list was discovered, the FBI jumped on the bandwagon to help out, but it's the NYPD doing the real legwork.

"Potential threats may relate to individuals, institutions, or organizations, and are shared in order to sensitize potential victims to the observed threat, and to assist them in taking proper steps to ensure their safety," an FBI spokeshuman said.

One woman who was on the list had no idea why she was targeted--she doesn't work for the government, is not a member of the military, and doesn't blog about Islamic scumcrumpets like some people I know. 

The Islamic State and other terrorist groups scour the internet for social media which they can use to identify and locate targets for their screwed up jihad whereby they can go out and slaughter them. 

I just hope they've been able to get a lighthearted chuckle out of some of my posts. Allah knows, I often do when I write them.

John Cohen, a former counterterrorism coordinator at the DHS and now teaches at Rutgers University where a recent "piece of art" of Jesus cruciified on a dartboard, said the list sounds like a clumsy attempt for ISIS to give the impression they have global reach via the web, adding that he believes the names may have been randomly selected. 

I hope so--I never win the door prize even at Christmas parties, so I might be safe.

"They hope that some person may be sitting home and get inspired," Cohen said. "They're hoping that a person with a mental health issue thinks they're a soldier."