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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Mizzou Three issue apologies for denying reporter his Constitutional rights

It's about time Constitutional antagonists were made to pay for their un-American behavior. Three of them, all members of the University of Missouri faculty, are facing repercussions after a video showed them taunting and harassing student journalists during a campus protest last week. The ironic thing about this is that one of them, Melissa Click, had a courtesy appointment with the Missouri School of Journalism, from which she has since resigned.
The face of anarchy

Another culprit (the guy with whom Click shares an address, according to the St. Louis Dispatch) Prof. Richard J. "Chip" Callahan, chairs the Religious Studies Department. He might have majored in Radical Islamic Studies because he is about as sensitive as ISIS mujahedeen to a Bar Mitzvah boy. He joined the Mizzou mob and stopped Tim Tai, a photojournalist, from reporting on the protest.

When Tai was being menaced by the students, he complained and Callahan responded with "Don't talk to me. It's not my problem."

Janna Basler, director of Greek life and leadership on campus, was also part in the suppression of Tai's First Amendment rights, and she was caught on video like the other two bubble-wiffers. She refused to respond to questions about her role in the mess caught on video.

Click was reported to have "shut herself in her university office on Tuesday afternoon and sobbing could be heard through the door." 

She slithered from her office by 5 p.m. Tuesday and released a written statement apologizing for her inexcusable actions, adding that she also apologized to Tai and expressed regret that she had shifted attention from the 'students' campaign for justice. "From this experience I have learned about humanity and humility," Click clucked.

I doubt it. Some liberal somewhere will tell Click that she had every right to keep Tai from taking photos, in spite of the fact that it is public property and Tai even attends that school.

The campus chanting has now gone from "Hey hey, ho ho, reporters have got to go," to handing out leaflets urging the anarchist protesters to respect journalists' First Amendment rights and welcome them.

Isn't it ironic, not only about Click teaching journalism, but for her and her fellow scumcrumpets to be exercising their First Amendment rights while denying the same rights to others? This can be used in the definition of hypocrisy.

Janna Basler
"Chip" Callahan apologized to Tim Tai, and the young man had more class than Callahan will ever have by accepting the apology.

Janna Basler was placed on administrative leave and she too issued an apology to Tai for being a censoring ass, although she didn't word it quite that way. She said that she allowed her emotions to get the most of her "while trying to protect some of our students." 

That isn't an apology--where I come from, we call that an excuse.