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Monday, November 30, 2015

Terror Alert! It's the weather, stupid

As President Obama flies from place-to-place, while Air Force One burns fuel as fast as the BT Gulf oil spill, while husband, Michelle, flies separately to go on yet another "free" vacation,  somehow the earth keeps getting warmer. 

Maybe the Obamas, Al Gore and the rest of those jet-set liberals ought to follow their own "green" agenda. That would make them "heroes" in their own mind.

You would think that ISIS would take heed to the global warming crisis and desist from immolating infidels, it pollutes the air and heats the earth, but they just keep doing the same evil crap all over again while the warnings about climate change fail to dissuade them from their religious obligations.

If the earth would only listen to Barack Obama, the place would cool down, the seas would separate for him, and the ISIS mujahedeen would lay down their weapons and sing Kumbayah (in Arabic).

Alaska refuses to go along with global warming. It just experienced the third highest snowfall for the month of November. Even the polar ice caps aren't obeying our Supreme Divider because it seems that they are growing, not shrinking.

In any case, terrorists still need to get on board because Obama said that climate change is the driving force behind their hideous actions. (And all along we fools thought it had something to do with Mohammad, the Koran, Hadith and Allah's terrorist commands.)

"Whaddaya want to do today, Mahmoud?"
"I dunno, Ali, whadda you want to do?"
"Hey, I know. Let's behead a few Jews and stone a few chicks for dressing up like Western sluts."
"Okay, sounds like a plan."
"But wait--it may get too hot outside to do all that heavy work. Maybe we should think about waiting for Obama's climate change ideas to kick in and in the meanwhile we can recycle."
"Okay, sounds like a plan."