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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm Baltimored Out

You can't swing a wet cat in Baltimore without hitting a news reporter. Well, there aren't any actual news reporters anymore, they have all gone with the pure discipline of journalism, but you get the drift.

Also, you cannot turn on Fox News or CNN without getting an overdose of what's going on, up to the minute, in Baltimore. 

Geraldo Rivera is doing his macho street strut surrounded by crowds of thugs who no longer want to be described in such unflattering terms. Therefore, I will refer to them as private property integrity testers and structural repositioning engineers (among others things).

These rioters have gotten into Rivera's face, screaming racial epithets while he holds his ground and tries to communicate the fact that he's been there, done that and understands their pain and suffering, in spite of his living in cool digs in lower Manhattan.

The real pain many of these miscreants may have felt was if a TV they stole fell on a toe, or if they singed themselves while burning down a CVS or a senior residence under construction.

But the best part of the whole riot scene was the predictable appearance of the man who makes his living from the anger and misery of black folks, the very semi-Reverend Al Sharptongue.

When Leland Vittert tried to have a hallway interview with the liberal mayor of the city, the apparently honorable Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, "The Tongue," (who may or may not have been working for the Fox News competitor MSNBC) stayed in-between Vittert and the mayor and refused him the interview.hey Rawlings-Blake said nothing and, like Barack Obama, let someone else lead from the front as she hung back.

One of the mayor's much-needed bodyguards pushed Vittert back (although he posed no threat other that asking a question that would uncover her ineptitude. It was very entertaining and quite illuminating.

This week's contest: name one major American city in the United States with a history of liberal mayors that has thrived as a city and whose population has thrived economically.

As for me, I'm all Baltimored out

It's a false narrative perpetuated by anarchists who hate America and opportunistically use these incidents to cause rioting, misery and destruction of our capitalistic society. Anarchists want to do away with all government, including the police. They hate authority maybe because their mommies didn't breast feed them and daddy wasn't around.

This weeks question: can Al Sharpton be sued by Fox News for interfering with Leland Vittert's attempt at interviewing the mayor?

But really, I'm all Baltimored out.