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Monday, April 27, 2015

Breaking: the riot in Baltimore as it now stands

It's beginning to look like the future is going to be bright and lucrative for the race hustlers like Al Sharptongue and Jessie Jackson. They have Baltimore, MD to rev up the racial tension, and this is where they can rake in the big bucks.

The kids sent out a meme to "purge" after school, and purge they did. In fact, it's still going on as I am blogging this.

This follows the funeral of Freddie Gray, a 25 year old black man who 8 days ago, mysteriously died of a broken spine after being arrested, put into a police transport vehicle, and exiting the vehicle with a broken spine.

Even Elijah Cummings ( MD-D) attended the funeral, sounding more like an angry Rev. Jeremiah Wright than a US Senator. He's been in office since 1996 and is the poster guy for term limits.

Baltimore's mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, an idiot liberal, said that the protesters should have space to express their anger.

The big problem is that the investigation into the death of Mr. Gray is ongoing and this is angering the public more. One thing known is that he was put in that van unbuckled and given a rough ride. Heads should probably roll, but rioting and destroying property is uncalled for and must be stopped.

The police are vastly outnumbered and at times overwhelmed by the crowd of young people throwing bricks, bottles and whatever they can get their hands on to toss. At this time, there are 7 injured cops, one of whom is "unresponsive," according to the police. A number of arrests have been made, but more are sure to come as night approaches.

State police have been called in but the governor, Larry Hogan (R) refuses to declare a state of emergency and said that it is too soon to bring in the National Guard. He is obviously an idiot and should cross over to the Democratic party to increase their average IQ as well as the average IQ on the right side of the aisle by his leaving.

The Gray family attorney is calling for law and order, but there are rioters and looters who don't care about Freddie Gray and see this as an opportunity to burn stuff and steal whatever they can get from the small businesses they are looting. This is anarchy at its worst.

Let's hope and pray that law enforcement enforces the law and that tonight things will calm down. 

Let's also hope and pray that justice is done in the case of Mr. Gray's death. The pubic needs and deserves answers.