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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What's in a Name When You're POTUS

Obama is third on the left
Honolulu: Stanley Chang and Ernie Martin, both leftist councilmen and who are both in the bag for Obama, have dropped their attempts to rename Sandy Beach Park "President Obama Sandy Beach Park." The reasons for the back off is about as clear as to where Barack Obama was actually born.

The beach is popular for bodysurfing and sex in the sand at night, and it was allegedly a favorite of Barack Hussein's when he was growing up in Indonesia where he attended a madrassa, learned his Qu'ran and heard the Muslim call to prayer, a sound he said was the most beautiful in the world.

In 2008, Obama went to Sandy Beach Park, probably for the first time, on one of his mulit-million dollar vacations. (I hope all you taxpayers reading this had fun when you paid for it.)

Martin said in a statement that there were historic and cultural sensitivity concerns about the name change but assured his constituents that there are plenty of beach facilities that still might garner public approval, citing the all men's bath house as one possibility.

GLAAD said they would stand behind Martin on the bath house name suggestion.