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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Turkey Tough on its Kurds, Weak on ISIS--Obama No Better

Turkey shot rubber bullets and tear gas at Kurdish protesters who demanded more be done to stop the onslaught of ISIS. Heavy trucks rolled into Turkey's major cities  where people took to the streets to denounce the fall of Kobani, a Syrian city bordering Turkey.

About 19 people, almost as many people as our airstrikes have thus far taken out, have been killed in clashes with the police.. Turkey is too chicken to aid the brave Kurds trapped in Kobani who are fighting the world's most brutal and richest Islamic terrorist organizations, which has now grown into an army.

The protests began last week when Kurds were seen fleeing Kobani and pouring into Turkey. This ignited a global call to action against ISIS and the U.S. responded by leading with our multi-million dollar jets and weaponry and destroying empty buildings, turning sand into glass, and knocking over a few garbage cans. Luckily for ISIS, nobody was hurt except for a handful of unlucky terrorists.
Kurdish woman: more guts than Obama

Kurdish fighters, the People's Protection Units (YPG), had been the protectors of Kobani, but they are now running terribly low on ammunition and need Turkey's help to stay in the fight. Our airstrikes are like those good intentions that pave the road to hell--they are as well-meaning as much as they are meaningless. This is what makes Obama's lack of leadership, military knowledge and ideology so dangerous.

By Tuesday, demonstrators accused President Racip Tayyip Erdogan and his government of supporting ISIS. They forgot about president Obama who seems to be taking pains not to kill any ISIS scum or destroy big targets, but that would be politically incorrect.

It is known that ISIS fighters are afraid that they will not get to heaven if killed by a woman. They are actually reluctant to engage them in battle.

I have one question: Muhammed believed he was poisoned by a woman (which wasn't actually true--he died of pleurisy) so do ISIS fighters believe their prophet went to hell?