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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hypocritical Mass

When someone screws up the job of protecting president Obama, consider that person gone. The administration may have pretended to stand behind that person, saying they have full confidence in their performance, but the reality is, they're history.

When someone screws up the job of protecting the nation, or protecting the security of our border agents, they either get promoted or moved to a different office with a better view.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned her position today after tough questioning on Capital Hill regarding recent security breaches.  In one case, a man jumped the White House fence (for the second time), ran across the lawn, entered an unlocked door of the White House, and just about made it to the Green Room.

This man, Omar Gonzales, was met by a woman SS agent who he overpowered. That gives me great comfort as I hope it does for you.

In another instance, a "hand-signer" stood in front of "president" Obama as he spoke at the Nelson Mandela memorial last December. It turns out, the hand signer was as good at signing for the deaf, as Obama is at running the country. The man was a fraud and a schizophrenic who somehow was never vetted by the SS.

And the final straw may have been when a armed contractor was allowed in the same elevator as Obama--turns out he was never vetted either.

Jeh Johnson the Secretary of Homeland Security announced Pierson's resignation but Ed Henry of Fox News Network tweeted that his source told him Pierson was told to resign immediately.

I believe Ed Henry may have hit upon the truth.