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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why Doesn't Israel Just Let Hamas Kill Them Already?

Israeli military said it struck dozens of Hamas-linked sites yesterday as Palestinian militants fired rockets across Israel. The country has stepped up its offense against Hamas along the Gaza Strip. 

The Iron Dome defense appears to be doing its job as a pair of smoke plumes were seen over Jerusalem. No injuries or damage was reported as the rockets were guided by the same system Obama uses for his 3 point shots and his putts.

Thus far, there have been two rocket attacks since the Islamic Hamas organization began its jihad on Tuesday, using the excuse of the Palestinian boy who was brutally murdered in retaliation for the equally brutal murder of 3 Jewish teens the day before. Hamas praised the Jewish teen killings but Israel caught the Jew who killed the Palestinian. So tell me, who's the savage here?

In Tel Aviv, a car was stopped by authorities and they found and explosive device hidden inside which was obviously meant for a terrorist attack and not to cook bacon. 

The car contained electric wires hooked to a gas canister with the driver and passenger hoping to get  their six dozen virgins. The driver, Mohamed Muhammad al-Mohammad (or some similar name) admitted to planning a bombing and both he and his allahu akbar-shouting friend were arrested. 

Lt. Colonel Pete Lerner said Israel hit over 320 Hamas targets overnight, aiming for underground tunnel networks and rocket launching sites. Overall, Israel has destroyed 750 targets since Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon said "This is one of the most critical tests the region has faced in recent years." 

I'm just glad that I didn't have to take the same test as a schoolboy that Israeli children take living among these savages.

Ban Ki-moon added, "Gaza is on a knife-edge. The deteriorating situation is leading to a downward spiral, which could quickly get beyond anyone's control." To this, I would add, "but if the USA performed its obligation to help defend its ally, Israel, the Palestinians wouldn't be so bold." Anyway, there never was a country Palestine--check out this blog entry.

The Israeli military struck a car in Gaza with 3 of the Islamist rocket-firing misunderstanders of Islam. So far the jihadist death toll is at least 80 and the Palestinian health ministry reports that at least 20 of these deaths have been civilians. The difference is, Israel does its best not to kill innocent people while Hamas does its best to kill as many Jews, including women and children as it can. 

Islam always tries to make itself out to be the victim--they even did it on 911. Hamas, as well as other jihadist militant groups, like to use children and women as shields. If they can find a handy mosque to fire their rockets from that's even better because they know Israel actually respects religious sanctuaries. They only respect mosques and go around the world desecrating churches and synagogues. 

The anti-Semites of the world try to make Israel into the terrorists; this includes the Obama administration. But Israel is the only civilized society in the Middle East and is surrounded by Arabs who want to kill them along with the rest of the world's Jews. Israel has nothing to apologize for--Obama does.
Throw like a girl contest

Foreign Ministry spokesman, Yigal Palmor, said Hamas is firing rockets from "within houses and streets and neighborhoods which are populated with civilians . . . exposing these civilians to retaliation and to backfire."

Ban Ki-moon held an emergency meeting at the U.N. Security Council on Thursday. He said the all-out escalation in the Gaza Strip is preventable but Hamas first must stop firing rockets and mortars into Israel. But unable to make it sound like it's Israel's fault he said, "the excessive use of force and endangering of civilian lives are also intolerable." Now maybe Hamas can run with that as well, but that's how they operate.

In his typical claptrap moment, John Kerry, the so-called Secretary of State, said the U.S. is trying to stem the surging violence in a way that allows the Jewish state to continue defending itself from Hamas rocket fire, but was unclear as to what we are actually doing to "stem the surging violence . . . yadda, yadda, yadda." Like President Obama, Kerry believes that he's the smartest person in the room and that his words are magical and can change the course of history. He tried that in Viet Nam when he condemned the war and the troops who fought there.

At this time Israel has mobilized 20,000 reservists for an anticipated ground assault, but for now, Israel is focused on its air campaign as Obama is out campaigning for the Democratic party since 2008.

Obama was last seen at a photo op in a pub where he shot pool with a 9 year old girl and lost, drank a beer, and laughed when a joint was offered to him. Sources say he may or may not have smoked that joint, as per Hillary Clinton's tautological statement about Benghazi when she said, "It may or may not have been due to a video."

While the world is in crisis, Obama plays. He's incompetent or a traitor--take your pick.