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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Costco's Hard Choices

Hillary's book signing at Costco
Now that Hillary Clinton's obligatory pre-presidential campaign book, "Hard Choices" has nose-dived off Amazon.com's Top 100 list to position #102, Costco cannot financially justify keeping he claptrap on their "space limited" shelves. Even worse, people who already purchased this so-called book tended to read only 2.04% of it before giving up on it, according to the Washington Post.

Jim Sinegal, Costco's co-founder and "one-percenter" is a big Democratic donor, having given $500,000 to Democrats and $500 to Republicans. Frankly, it's surprising he gave any money to the GOP, but perhaps he owed it to a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

Sinegal had to make the hard choice of leaving "Hard Choices" on Costco's limited book shelf space while removing Dinesh D'Souza's "America: Imagine a World Without Her." Clinton's book is doing poorly while D'Souza's is kicking butt.

In fact, once the leftist Sinegal ordered the removal of "America," it soared to #1 at Amazon.com. What Sinegal was too stupid to realize is that Americans do not want to be told what to read or be censored from it by only having one point of view available, unless they're hardcore progressives like him.
Sinegal on his throne

Now Costco is trying to walk it back, much like liberals are wont to do once they get caught trying to stifle free speech, and have to pay for their stupidity. The giant merchandise warehouse chain isn't admitted their wanton censorship but is claiming their decision was financial and not political, even though "America" is by far outselling "Hard Choices." They even said "America" was showing poor sales.

Yeah, sure.

A Costco spokescretin stated: "Costco is not a book store. Our book shelf space is very limited."
"Ah, Rules for Radicals"

This is a store whose space is so limited that you can't buy a small pack of toilet paper--you must buy a pack large enough to service the entire Democratic congress and you know how much that would require. In fact, if you really believe their "book shelf space is very limited," you might be a liberal.

Since Costco/Sinegal has shown their true colors, many intelligent people have dropped their membership for a refund and have gone to Sam's Club or elsewhere. 

Freedom of speech goes both ways, just like freedom of choice. Boycott Costco if you agree.

By the way, Amazon is also way left of center. I'm getting my copy of "America" from a smaller book store to keep my money local. Just saying.