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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Islam Doesn't Hate Israel--They Hate the Jews

When a group of people believe their religion is the only true and rightful religion in the world, and everyone else is ungodly and thereby less human than they are, you've got a problem. When those of this so-called "superior" religion believe that there is one religion whose members are less than human and have no right to live, you've got Islam.

This is precisely what is going on in Israel and Gaza and it has been going on since Mohammed fell ill with pleurisy. The Big M thought that only people possessed by Shaitan (the devil) contracted pleurisy so his theory was that the Jews had poisoned him.

Mohammed was as sick as a dog and tried using special baths to alleviate the suffering. But all the baths did was to take away the lingering odor of camel and young boys on his skin. He was as sick as a camel with hump cancer.

Eventually the prophet of Islam died.

The guy who claimed that one wing of a fly is diseased, but the other wing was the cure, died from a disease that usually takes a few days to a few weeks to overcome. Let's face it--Mohammed wasn't a genius but he was charismatic, not unlike Obama.

But before he closed his eyes, only to open them to 72 virgins with incredible sexual proclivities, rivers of wine, and boys with smooth skin and white bath towels, he told his fellow terrorists that if he lived, he would kick all the Jews and Christians out of the Arabian peninsula.

Shades of ISIS.