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Thursday, July 24, 2014


When I want to see a fictional representation of current events, I turn on MSNBC. When I want to see a disgusting display of political fiction that shamelessly portrays conservatives as racist scum not worthy of even a modicum of respect, I flip over to HBO.

But I'm kidding. I don't watch MSNBC or HBO.

Recently (but not too recently since my computer crashed and I just got it back a few hours ago) I heard that the HBO series "True Blood" played an episode that showed a fundraiser for a fictional Ted Cruz. There was a political fundraiser at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and it insults the GOP and coined the term "Republi-cunt." 

The real Ted Cruz called it "misogynistic and profanity-ridden," and said he was surprised "HBO is suggesting that hard-core leftists are blood-sucking fiends . . ." I believe he was being politically correct in referring to HBO that way--they are much worse and seem to represent what the left is all about.

There were also plans, I heard, to invite Sarah Palin to appear in a cameo where she would be unwittingly depicted as the surly term implies. Governor Palin was wise enough to decline their offer, but you get the picture.

John Nolte from Breitbart News discussed the situation and remarked " . . . pop culture's mean-spirited and degrading cruelty towards Republican women is now the norm, not the exception."

Where is NOW in all this? Do they only defend Democratic women? Do they refuse to defend Republican women or Muslim women who are abused with genital mutilation and other forms of physical assault, not to mention the lack of basic rights?

I imagine they're hiding next to the boys of GLAAD. (Maybe GLAAD will attack Nelsan Ellis instead of Islam--he quit "True Blood" because he didn't want to play a gay part.

When it comes to real civil rights, the left is not really civilized and they have no real courage.