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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gaza is Tainted and So Are Those Who Support Hamas

The headline from the National Post read: "Pro-Gaza protests worldwide tainted by anti-Semitism, Calgary organizers apologize for violence." They failed to mention that a Pro-Gaza protest by definition is already tainted, but they did say "It was just one of a growing list of marches across Canada and around the world that are being tainted by violence and anti-Semitic slogans."

Perhaps the Muslims in these gangs of thugs get their "anti-Semitic slogans" from the Koran, the "holy" scripture of Islam; there are plenty of them.

Some of the pro-Gaza organizers said that the demonstrations were designed to "protest Israeli incursion into Gaza," but failed to mention Hamas' incursion into Israel via tunnels. Some of these tunnels on the Gaza side are in the homes of civilians. Gaza is tainted.

She'd rather play with the doll
They also fail to mention that Hamas uses civilians, including women and children, as human shields.

About 13 Hamas terrorists were caught trying to infiltrate into a kibbutz where women and children are fair game. The IDF spotted them and blew them up as they ascended into the area. Many civilian lives were saved and 936 virgins were awarded to the jihadists in Paradise.

Hamas will make a case about the disproportionate response Israel is using. It's only disproportionate because Hamas is not able to kill the civilians they're targeting due to the Iron Dome that has been 90% effective intercepting rockets shot by Hamas at civilians. It is Gaza who is tainted.
How Hamas prepares to fight Israel

Twice Israel has agreed to a ceasefire; twice Hamas rejected the ceasefires. Gaza is tainted.

No other military force in human history has made a greater effort than Israel in minimizing civilian casualties.  But Hamas tries to make it appear that Israel is the instigator of this war.

But it's the same story with Christians and Muslims. ISIS has given Christians an ultimatum to either convert to Islam or pay the jizzya (tax on non-Muslims), or die. There are no more Christians in Mosul. They have been driven out by jihad.

This is what Islam does, and those anti-Semitic leftists who support Hamas and Islam, are no-information appeasers who will eventually see that is too late to run. Obama, who said that Islam is not part of the problem, is himself part of the problem.

What appeasers of Islam need to learn is that Hamas are terrorists who kill to make a point and follow their religion, and that being pro-Gaza is itself, tainted because Islam is tainted.

Some will call me a racist because that is supposed to stop people from criticizing Islam. But all you need to do is read the Koran carefully and see for yourself. The knowledge you get about Islam will shock you if you don't know the facts.