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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fifteen Questions for Obama and his Cronies

So many questions, so many scandals, so few answers. All we seem to get are lies or statements of ignorance. "I just learned about it the way you guys did--I saw it in the media." Yeah, sure.

Well here are some questions I dare them to answer.

1. How did the Obama administration get the information about Bergdahl's medical condition? If it was from that video, that was 6 months ago. When Bowe (pronounced Ahmad) got out of the truck and walked toward the Black Hawk helicopter, he didn't look to be in physical distress. I'm not a physician, but I suspect Obama et al were distancing themselves from the truth--in other words, they were lying.

2. How did Obama and his defense team know it was too late to help the 4 men in Benghazi? Bet you thought I wasn't going to mention that, but we cannot let it go.

3. If not to rejoin the fight, why did the Taliban specifically request the Taliban Dream Team? 

4. Why is the "most transparent administration ever" holding meetings about Bergdahl behind closed doors? 

5. What did Susan Rice know and when did she know it? 

6. If Susan Rice were a vegetable, what kind of vegetable would she be?

7. Would it have been wiser for us to have traded Chuck Hagel and Joe Biden for Bergdahl.

8. If Valerie Jarrett were taken captive by the Taliban, how many US soldiers and marines would Obama trade for her if the Taliban demanded it?

9. Can you name one person with a "Q" in their name not followed by a "U" who you trust?

10. Aside from transforming America from the great nation that it always was, can you name one statement made by Obama that was absolutely true? Can you name anyone in his administration thusly?

11. Who is the most believable liar: a) Obama, b) Hillary, c) Carney, or d) Susan Rice?

12. Will Jay Carney go to hell and if yes, who in Obama's administration will he follow?

13. Math problem:  If you added the IQs of Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel, who else would need to be added to the mix to equal the IQ of Charles Krauthammer?

14. Hypothetical: Imagine you're a marine landing on a "hot" beach under heavy enemy fire. Who would you want as a fire team partner: a) Hillary Clinton, b) Barack Hussein Obama, or c) Allen West? (This question is thrown in to test your reading skills.)

15. If Chuck Norris had the voice of Harry Reid, would he still be considered a martial artist or a comedian?