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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Allahu Akbergdahl

When asked if the United States now negotiates with terrorists, Jen Psaki, State Department spokesliar said, "We do not negotiate with terrorists, we negotiate with Amish furniture makers." Okay, she didn't really say they were Amish, nor did she say they were furniture makers, but she did say that it's overcast and gray and hopes the rain doesn't hurt the rhubarb. In other words, she didn't answer the question.

When asked about the release of Bowe Bergdahl (pronounced 'Mohammed al-Islam Jihad-Sharia") Susan Lo-Info-Rice said that we don't leave Americans behind, except ex-Navy SEALs and American ambassadors, and that Bergdahl was a patriotic American who served his country with honor, if you don't count desertion and possibly treason. Okay, she didn't say that, but she may have forgotten to add it to the list of adjectives that help us know Bowe better.

Without even being asked, Leon Panetta said that with the release of the five terrorists to Qatar (pronounced "Caliphate One") could be dangerous and that we need to keep close watch on them as they go off into the world of Allahu Akbar. (You probably know Panetta as Captain Obvious in the Hotels.com commercials.)

 But how can we keep close watch on the terrorists when it took 5 years to find a guy who was in the same land where they dwell?

President Obama, in yet another unprecedented and illegal move said of his decision, "Regardless of the circumstances, whatever those circumstances turn out to be, we still get an American soldier back if he's held in captivity." Obama did not add, however: "But if that American is an ex-Navy SEAL or ambassador, then we just wait and keep our collective fingers crossed."

Some on the left have said, "If he was my son, I'd bring him home." And some on the right answered that with: "And if your son was killed trying to find the deserter, would you still bring him home and let 5 terrorists go free who might kill my son?"

The bigger issue isn't whether or not Bergdahl is a deserter or a traitor, it's that he allowed 5 known high-value terrorist walk. They were greeted with open arms and camels in Qatar, and kisses on the hairy lips were abound. These 5 were known as the Taliban Dream Team, and it wasn't for their basketball skills.

That Obama released them illegally doesn't seem to matter--he'll get away with it--he always does. 

Now I know many of us want to judge Bergdahl just because he stated how much he hates America and the military, and because his father, Bob Bergdahl (aka My Allah Beats Your Jesus) began his little speech to his son with a Muslim prayer and has a beard like Mullah Omar. But we should not judge him too hastily.

We must allow his case to be heard in a military court and tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice--certainly not a federal court because even Obama's flunkies admit Bergdahl was a prisoner of war and not a victim of workplace violence.

And once his case is heard, and if he is found guilty of treason, he should be put to death with six rounds, each representing a soldier who was killed trying to recover his traitorous ass. 

Finally, Congress should get off their own sorry butts and be proactive about impeaching Obama for defying our Constitution. Talking doesn't get it done.