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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Capital Punishment: Getting Back What You Gave

She was just a month out of high school when he killed her. He shot her once with a shotgun, then the gun jammed. She lay bleeding and writhing in pain on the ground as he cleared the jam and shot her again. But she wasn't dead. He told his 17 year old cousin and 26 year old buddy to bury her anyway.

So they buried her alive.

I could go into great detail about the entire crime, but it isn't necessary. A young girl in Oklahoma was brutally murdered, her friend repeatedly raped, and the young father they went to visit was beaten with his 9 month old son nearby. That basically sums it all up.

The shooter was Clayton Lockett, age 38. He was to be executed on Tuesday night in Oklahoma, in a double execution. The other piece of human excrement, Charles Warner, raped and killed an 11 month old girl back in 1997. He was to go second.

Lockett had been convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping, assault and battery, burglary and robbery. I believe his neighbors said "he seemed like a nice, quiet guy; never said a bad word to nobody."

But the lethal injection didn't work as planned. Poor Lockett writhed in pain as he lay strapped to the gurney. He gasped for air, not unlike Stephanie Nieman, as shocked reporters and others looked on. He eventually succumbed to a heart attack after being removed from the viewing room. The entire incident took about 30 minutes from the time he was sedated, to the time he entered hell. 

Unfortunately, the Charles Warner execution was called off for 14 days. He will have a lot on his mind for those two weeks, I suppose.

I think that executions should be humane and I don't condone the fact that it went south. But I'm okay that justice was served in the end. Perhaps it is humane to do what we do to horses who have broken their leg--a bullet to the brain. It's fast and humane, and it works every time. And you don't need to disinfect the injection site.

There will always be those who are against capital punishment no matter what. I respect that, because, while I believe in capital punishment, I also understand the sanctity of human life. But I just wonder how those who oppose the death penalty would honestly feel if their child was brutally murdered.

Capital punishment is a deterrent. If you disagree, please  cite me one case where the murderer who received it, killed again.

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