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Monday, May 26, 2014

Remembering What It's All About

It's Memorial Day and president Obama is in Afghanistan, risking his life and limb to bring cheer and change the troops can believe in. Meanwhile, Sergeant Tahmooressi remains in a Mexican prison for making a wrong guess as he tried to return to San Diego and ended up in Mexico.

We cannot expect Obama to be everywhere and do everything to right a wrong, but Secretary of State, John-Swift boat-Kerry was in Mexico and did nothing to free the marine. And, unlike Obama, Kerry served in the Navy where he gave himself a medal for alleged bravery. He later appeared with Hanoi Jane (Fonda) at anti-war rallies to protest the Vietnam war.  After the war, he attended a dedication ceremony for the Communist Museum of Vietnam. This should say it all about Kerry, the phony asshat who said back in 2006 to college students, that you should work hard or find yourself stuck in Iraq. Lucky for him he only got "stuck" in Vietnam a few months. Lucky for him that he married fabulously wealthy women.

Former Florida congressman, Allen West, referred to Obama and Kerry as "these very neutered, pajama boy leaders, these faux leaders in Obama and in Kerry," and described the situation as "very embarrassing."  West believes the Mexican government is simply trying to make money over this incident.

But Obama joked with the troops in Afghanistan, saying he was "in the area," and thought he'd drop by. Ha ha. 

The VA scandal, (phony scandal for you liberals) is another sore point on this holiday. American Legion Director of Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation, Verna Jones, told CBSDC that veterans are hurt by th4e scandal and added "The VA scandal is leaving a black eye every day for  veterans." Liberals called her a racist for using the term 'black eye.'

"Veterans deserve more than the VA is giving. Veterans are losing faith in the system," she said.

Now even the liberal Boston Globe and LA Times are calling Obama incompetent. How competent are they for taking 5 years to figure this out? For a president to say he gets his information from the media and appoints people like Eric Shinseki to head the VA when Obama knew about the problems when he came into office, is unconscionable. 

A leader needs to appoint people who know what they're doing and do it effectively--not a Kathleen Sebelius; not an Eric Shinseki; not even a Hillary Clinton. 

Obama may be a good campaigner and a good politician, but he sucks at management. He hires incompetents, and refuses to fire them when they screw up. That makes him an incompetent.

But let's not forget about Benghazi. When a US ambassador was attacked and 2 former Navy SEALs went to save him, nobody was sent to assist in the fight. They lied, then they made excuses that they couldn't get there in time. How did they know how long the battle would last?

And when the Secretary of Defense, Leon Pinetta, said that the US doesn't send the military into battle without knowing the situation better, what the hell does he think the military does? He may not go out without his umbrella when it rains, but American troops run to the sound of thunder.

Have a good Memorial Day. Think of the fallen and thank them for their sacrifice.