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Monday, May 26, 2014

Obama Administration Outs a CIA Chief of Station

The Obama administration has shown their incompetence once again. In a mega-schmuckfest, the name of the CIA's top officer in Kabul was revealed in a list of U.S. officials who were slated to take part in a briefing involving Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan where the real heroes roam. The list was e-mailed to the press and other recipients.

After the screw-up, the name was removed from the e-mail of the "Chief of Station" --the CIA top spy label used throughout the world, reports the Washington Post. 

Luckily, only 6000 recipients were let in on the little secret. The Obama administration asked that the media withhold the name of the CIA head to ensure the Islamic orthodox jihadists refrain from beheading him or her.

This stupidity does not happen all that often, but hey, it's Obama et al. 

The list may have been put together by the military--one can only imagine a private first class being given the crap detail of having to list 6000 e-mail addresses. Nobody is raising their hand to confess thus far.

It's very possible that the Chief of Station will be forced to leave the beautiful country of Afghanistan due to this brain fart.

We know that Obama will be outraged like the rest of the American public. He will promise to get to the bottom of it. And after some time, some Obama lackey will say: "Dude, that was two years ago."

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