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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hollywood's Low-Information Protest

It's now all the rage to protest against sharia law, all the beautiful people are doing it in Hollywood. Ellen DeGeneres, Clive Davis, Jay Leno, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, to name a few, are vigorously opposing the Seventh Century laws of Islam, known as sharia. They are doing so by not spending money at Sultan Hassanal Bolkia's Beverly Hills Hotel, because the Sultan has decided to implement sharia law in Brunei, an oil-soaked, East Asian country he heads. But the sad part is, when some of the people at the protest were questioned as to why they were protesting, they said it was to oppose Bolkia's "policy." They are still clueless.

Sharia demands violent punishments for such things as adultery, apostasy, homosexuality, insulting Islam (although you cannot insult an idea, but they think you can). Sharia also objectifies women and gives them half the legal rights as men, and no rights when it comes to fashion.

Where were these clowns during the stoning of women who could not prove they were raped because sharia requires 3 male witnesses to  support their claim? Otherwise, the women are considered adulteresses and must be buried up to their shoulders and killed by the people of the village. There is a seriously accurate and depressing movie called "The Stoning of Soroia," that tells the sordid tale of a stoning.

Where was Hollywood when girls and women were being "honor killed," an oxymoron that made headlines? If a girl became infatuated with Western style, or fell in love with a non- Muslim, this was too much to ask the religion of peace to accept and they would kill their child or spouse in order to maintain their honor.

Why didn't these beautiful people protest the public hanging of gays and lesbians or the throat-slitting of Jews in Israel while they slept in bed? Iran's Ahmadinejad smiled when he said that there are no gays in Iran. Of course not--they were hanging on scaffolds in the pubic square.

Where was the outrage when schools and churches were burned with children and adults inside? This has been occurring all over the Middle East and Pakistan in particular.

Finally, why did it take 276 girls who were kidnapped as sexual slaves by Boko Haram, when nothing was done when 60 schoolboys were burned to death just days prior ti that, in order for Hollywood to protest sharia by not doing something?

I am outraged by their outrage.